BioLite Bundle
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The eco&safe
  I recently got this Bundle. Completely satisfied and extremely excited with ecological&smart solution
  Reviewed by:  Nur Bakbergenov (Verified Buyer) from Armenia. on 10/15/2014
Campstove to Africa
  My wife and I sponsor an orphaned girl in Tanzania. We a paying for her education and housing. We had the opportunity to meet,and take her a CampStove, after a safari.We also took a USB battery pack and light. There is no electricity, and a shortage of wood in rural Tanzania. We showed her, and her teachers how it worked. They were all very impressed, and want information on the cook stove
  Reviewed by:  Larry D. from North Saanich Canada and Tanzania Africa. on 10/11/2014
Practice makes perfect
  I used the bundle and it works great however make sure you practice cooking on it before you go camping. It was initially difficult and frustrating because I would over cook the food or to fast eventually I learned how to regulate flames and control. In that practice made perfect just didn't want to practice when your limited. It does work really well.
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Oceanside, ca. on 10/10/2014
Christmas Present for My Husband
  I bought the Camp Stove Bundle for my husband last Christmas, he loved it! We took it on our first camping trip to Big Bend National Park. We made eggs and bacon along with morning coffee on the stove. I would highly recommend this product. It is sturdy and good quality and we expect to use it for many years to come
  Reviewed by:  Nisa from Austin,TX. on 9/23/2014
I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am.
  I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the BioLite Camp Stove. In all honesty, we were a bit reluctant when we first set it up. But after following the instructions we were amazed at how easy and fast it started. In addition, using it to charge the cell phone is a bonus ! We cooked 2 thick lamb chops using the grill attachment and within 15 minutes they were done. The amount of heat that is generated is amazing. One of the best investments I've made.
  Reviewed by:  Linda A. from Oregon. on 9/17/2014
  I have used the BioLite stove most of this past summer as my main cooking source and it worked out very well once I got familiar with how to use it. It can get very hot so I had to learn to cut pieces of wood to various sizes based upon the need for cooking. The grill is an odd configuration so it make grilling a challenge at times but it worked well. Especially with chicken legs, there was no flare ups because the screen mesh under the grill prevents that! All parts have held up well.
  Reviewed by:  Mr Todd from New Mexico. on 9/12/2014
What a great product
  I got the bundle this summer, and although I've only been able to use it a few times, it was great. It burns well and having grilled zucchini at my campsite was awesome! I am a sea kayaker and I would recommend this stove to any sea kayaker because combining it with a small solar panel I have has allowed me to buy a $5 app that gives me gps with official NOAA charts that would cost me $4-$500 for a gps unit that does the same.
  Reviewed by:  Reid from Illinois. on 9/12/2014
Great compact stove, great for camping or around the house
  We regularly use our Biolite Stove and Grill to cook hamburgers, smokies and veggies for our family, up to 8 people sometimes, whether it's out camping or at home in the yard. It's our go-to cooking appliance. We love how quick the grill heats up and the fan that helps fan the flames. We are such fans that we have purchased the Basecamp for the same applications.
  Reviewed by:  Alliston from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. on 9/11/2014
Camping and hiking treasure
  I love the easy of use, amazingly quick boil time (7 mins or so) and cool down time, back into the back pack...having the pitcher and stove fit inside one another is really great too. Thank you so much!
  Reviewed by:  Stephen from SE Connecticut. on 9/10/2014
extremely satisfied
  I have been extremely satisfied. The stove has been a huge success on our back country outings. It has been the subject of many conversations among many of my friends and with those I meet along the trail. I am sure that many new biolite stoves have been purchased over the last five months. Living in the PACNORWEST this is a must have item when venturing out. You have to be a bit creative when it is raining. However, I have always had a hot meal and coffee in the morning. Great product!!!
  Reviewed by:  LC Rucker from Washington State. on 9/10/2014
Fantastic stove
  This is the best survival stove I have used in a long time. Not only does it generate power while you use it but it also burns the wood so efficiently that after using it non-stop for over 3 hours I had nothing more than a tea spoon of ash. I boiled a full pot water at 7,000 feet in just 3.5 min wow! You are crazy not to own this stove. I will be ordering the bigger version nice job BioLite, I am proud to have invested in your company keep up the good work.
  Reviewed by:  bill from Phoenix az. on 9/8/2014
  Really happy with the stove! I was just on a backpacking trip and some of my fellow hikers ran out of fuel early, so we all relied on my Biolite stove to boil our water. The stove is easy to use and works well.
  Reviewed by:  Annie from Seattle, WA. on 9/8/2014
Biolite stove
  Great time late Winter, Spring,and Summer ! Never any trouble . Purchased grill and pot, and both are easy to pack and use. Canoe trips to hotels.......makes for an easy home cooked meal.......not to mention the FUN involved.
  Reviewed by:  Bill S. from Winston Salem, NC. on 9/8/2014
Great Preparedness Stove Bundle
  I purchased the BioLite Stove, Pitcher and Grill Bundle as preparedness items. I started a fire in the stove, used the pitcher to heat water for making tea and a freeze dried meal. The stove was easy, took surprisingly little "twig" fuel and the pitcher heated the water to boiling very fast. The fan certainly got the fire burning very hot. I did not use the grill attachment at this time. I highly recommend getting the set for an emergency situation.
  Reviewed by:  Tina from Rural NorthEast Pennsylvania . on 9/8/2014
Neat Campstove Set
  This has been a lot of fun to use. It has everything you need for boiling water and grilling. Of course, you'll want some dry wood but it doesn't need much. Also, very little smoke and almost total combustion (hardly any ashes after using for 1+ hour). I used this in my backyard and got a lot of nods of approval from my son's teenage friends, especially when I plugged in the iPhone.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Queens, NY. on 9/8/2014
Great product!
  Love the stove! excellent size for a back pack. The complete set is a nice combination. Recently used it on a canoe trip and was not disappointed. Was able to cook for 6 people and charge my GPS at the same time. The lamp shown in many of your photos would be an awesome addition to the full package. Can it be purchased individually?
  Reviewed by:  John from Southern Ontario Canada. on 9/7/2014
most AMAZING purchase ever
  got the bundle as a gift, have used ALL the parts/pieces/accessories~best camp stove I've used.
  Reviewed by:  race from illinois. on 9/7/2014
Killer Campstove
  I've hauled this little beauty around with me on about a half a dozen trips and I am very impressed with its performance. I've used it with both the camp grill add on and the kettle add on, both work excellent.
  Reviewed by:  Justin from Alberta. on 9/7/2014
big smoke makes good food
  i own several biolet stoves and acces. I have them in each vehicle for emergency cooking. stopped at a rest stop and fired up stove (oppps) used mt. ash twigs, made a lot of smoke and had people come over to see what we were doing cooked about 12 dogs and cooked pineapple and impressed a lot of people. Don't use mt ash. Product is great,love coffee pot and grill
  Reviewed by:  judy j. from warden,wa. on 9/6/2014
i love quality & design
  i love quality & design of each parts. there are many on the market, they all works. but none come even close when quality matters.
  Reviewed by:  CHRIS from Australia. on 9/6/2014
Bigfoot hunting and the BioLite
  When I go bigfoot hunting in Central Florida, we (our group) like to trek far back into the swamps, away from civiliation. We trek for miles back and we usually camp for the night. In the swamps most off the wood is damp and it's hard to start a fire. With the Biolite stove, it's easier, with small wood. We all use it to recharge our cellphones and with the pot to stanzie water. The BioLite stove because it is durable and easy to carry, and most of it's dependable.
  Reviewed by:  Robert R. from Winter Haven, Florida. on 9/6/2014
'Everyday' Grill
  I purchased the Bundle for when we go to our favorite camping in Wisconsin - Rock Island - which requires 2 ferries to get to and all sites are walk in. Not having to bring fuel canisters along and get phone recharge was intriguing. With the grill and kettle it worked great for everything from boiling water to grilling sausages. I liked the grill so much I use it at home for vs my full size gas grill. I cook for up to 4 people and have done brats, burgers, even steaks which turned out perfect.
  Reviewed by:  Kevin from Milwaukee, WI. on 9/6/2014
Best stove ever!
  I used this stove camping in and around Aspen, Vail, and Mt. Elbert. It was so easy to use, and I had no issues with it. The charger part (for cell phone) I only used once but it worked as advertised. I'm taking it on my next camping trip to the San Juan mountain range, and can't wait! So easy and nice not to have to carry/buy fuel.
  Reviewed by:  Cyndy from Colorado. on 9/6/2014
  I loved my bio bundle. great value and all works great. I tested everything out and it is amazingly easy to grill some dogs or make coffee. Two down falls were cleaning the grill and the phone took quite awhile to charge. That said....I still love the comfort of this lightweight reliable system.
  Reviewed by:  kim from calif. on 9/5/2014
Carpenterīs love
  Hi We are a Group of Carpenters who build all sorts of outdoor wooden construktions. The Biolite stove is perfect since we have a lot of left over firewood and we love our tee breaks.
  Reviewed by:  Lennart P. from Sweden. on 9/5/2014
Clever, efficient alternative to a campfire or bbq.
  Compact, incredibly efficient, and a great conversation piece. The stove gets up to cooking temperature quickly (depending, of course, upon the type of fuel used), and is a pleasure to use. A few pieces of kindling will cook a meal for two. Using foraged scraps of organic matter - leaves, nut shells, twigs - produce less predictable results, but experimentation is part of the fun. The only improvements I'd like to see are 1) an easier to clean grill, and 2) a quieter fan motor.
  Reviewed by:  Frank from Jersey, Channel Islands. on 9/5/2014
  Awesome, happy with everything and is much easier than first thought for starting etc
  Reviewed by:  Brendon from Perth, Australia . on 9/5/2014
  With a tiny heap of twigs (about twice the area of my foot) I managed to bbq 6 runs (sausages, meat, veggies) for 7 people. Everyone was amazed. And we managed to restore a bit of battery life into our MP3 player as well. Worked much better than expected and well thought through and executed concept and product. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Thomas M. from Zurich, Switzerland. on 9/5/2014
Long story short
  LOVE IT ! worth every penny
  Reviewed by:  Sabih from Calgary. on 9/5/2014
Good product
  Great little grill. I like it a lot.
  Reviewed by:  Joe Cavanaugh from Madison, WI. on 9/4/2014
  With just some sticks we picked up it boiled water quickly. We also charged an iphone. Aside from the fact that it works, it's just a really cool product. It makes you want to use it!
  Reviewed by:  Mark from PA. on 9/4/2014
  bought this for my boyfriends birthday and he absolute loves it he wants to go camping every weekend just to use it. Its perfect for two people we cook everything on it from oatmeal, to steaks. Having all the accessories definitely makes a difference and is so worth the money. Will one hundred percent recommended it to everyone
  Reviewed by:  sara from oakville ontario . on 9/4/2014
Nice to be connected!
  As a survival instructor I needed a way to keep my phone charged in case of emergencies. At first I struggled to get the charging light to show but after I plugged it into the mains and let it charge overnight it worked brilliantly. I now have an Iphone for emergencies and a camera (I don’t have to lug a large Nikon around)!
  Reviewed by:  Nathan from South Africa. on 9/4/2014
biolite bundel
  I really like my biolite stove I can find wood most anywhere when I am camping . On rare occasions when dont have it just layin around I have been able to use pine cones or cherry pits.would recommend it to anyone. The pot is great to heat water or cook.
  Reviewed by:  nina b. from woodsboro md. on 9/4/2014
Car Campers delight !
  My 2 burner camp stove and propane got passed on. I have used my BioLite all winter as a home bar-b-que and tent camping all summer. The stove cooks hot enough to use cast iron skillets. I no more carry a coffee pot, just a french press. The water heats twice as fast in the biolite pot. I put foil over the food on the grill and smoke my dinner with wood pellets for smokers. I believe I have been one of the best sales person for a company I don't work for. Hope it never wears out.
  Reviewed by:  Kathie from Oregon. on 9/4/2014
Great Stove
  We have used the biolite stove on several camping trips, it worked flawlessly. The barbecue attachment is especially good because it makes it easier to feed twigs into the fire plus you can get an intense sear with this sucker if you want to. Charging from the USB port is iffy at best as you have to keep the fire really raging to get the power to flow
  Reviewed by:  Bushman from Central Florida. on 9/4/2014
Works great!
  Overall am really pleased with the campstove bundle. Kettle and grill came in very handy. Occasionally tough to get the fire going, but once it's lit it's easy to keep up and cook with. Just need to keep the fire fueled, but if you collect biomass before starting, it's easy to keep tossing fuel in.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Guelph, Ontario. on 9/4/2014
  The biolite camp stove is awesome! My family uses it frequently either for picnics, or just coffee when camping. It has not failed us and is fool proof. We love it!
  Reviewed by:  Mike T. from Calgary. on 9/3/2014
never travel the back woods without it again
  Flew to alaska the month of July in my maule 7 bush plane. Had the time of my life. Used the biolite daily and it worked perfectly . Will never travel the back woods without it again . Thanks for making a light weight product that works very well.
  Reviewed by:  Robert M. from Keokuk ,ia. on 9/3/2014
Excellent group of cooking items for the backcountry
  Excellent group of cooking items for the backcountry. Due to the abundance of wood here in Northern Idaho it is really a nice fit for airplane camping and snowmobiling. I have a lot of stoves but this has become my "go to" choice for most trips. The kettle is a nice match for the stove and eve seems to make it more efficient and the grill i great for almost all my cooking needs.
  Reviewed by:  Paul J from North Central Idaho. on 9/3/2014
My favorite camping device
  Impressed a large canoe trip just cooking away!
  Reviewed by:  Keith O. from S.E. Michigan. on 9/3/2014
BioLite Bundle and Boy Scouts
  Love my new BioLite stove! It got a good workout at all the Boy Scout camps this summer. Keep a lot of fuel handy as it goes through it fast with the fan on. Cooked for 2-6 people and the grill feature was key. Took it backpacking and canoeing and while the grill is a bit bulky it was worth it. Since it was hot out we roasted our marshmallows over it we did not start a camp fire, scoring Leave no Trace points for this unit. Charging the GPS while we cooked made our Troop the envy of others.
  Reviewed by:  Sheila K. from Omaha, NE. on 9/3/2014
Was skeptic at first but...
  Was skeptic at first but once I got it going it worked as advertised. Easy to operate and compact to carry in pack. Made no noise in movement. Only thing is make sure and have enough fire material collected and on hand to keep going. I Let the fire die down to almost nothing and was enough to bring back to full blaze with just leaves several times. Cooked and heated perfectly. Operated it about 2 hours and charger worked better then I thought it would. Easy clean up. It stays in my go bag.
  Reviewed by:  Harry from MO. on 9/3/2014
BioLite bundle
  I love the BioLite bundle! Have used it several times this summer while camping. I especially like the grill. The meal is very juicy and it has a good flavor. It's also fun to use, I like feeding it the sticks that I gathered. If you have kids it's fun to have them gather the sticks for your stove.
  Reviewed by:  Tina K. from Dewey, Arizona 86327. on 9/3/2014
Decent, but needs a way to control ash in long burns
  I really love the concept of this stove. When the fire was hot, it was definitely outputting a charge, but it never stayed hot long. It took constant maintenance. If the fire runs for a long time (30-45 mins), ash builds up and blocks the air vents from the fan, making it difficult to keep a fire going. It would be nice if there were a grate on the bottom where ash could be emptied. I don't know if their testing only burned for a short time, or they only used the cleanest burning dried hardwood.
  Reviewed by:  Andrew from Chattanooga, TN. on 9/3/2014
Camp Bundle
  Stove and pot are awesome, For me the grill is a major weak spot for the bundle. Would be better off with a thin cast iron skillet vs. grill. Heating is not consistent.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from NC. on 9/3/2014
Great kit !!
  Tested this kit quite a few times now even with wet wood and it performs great. Plugged a USB led light in while cooking to see in the dark which works well. Bbq attachment for coming sausages is excellent.
  Reviewed by:  Garth from Melbourne australia. on 9/2/2014
Backwoods camping
  I have used the biolite bundle several times in the backwoods of Alberta over the summer. I can't think of a better stove to take with me when camping. The versatility of fuels and not having to carry petroleum fuels is an added bonus. It turns making meals into a scavenger hunt for my kids, they have to find wood or they don't get to eat and it becomes a game. The grill and pot are a nice size, not too cumbersome and provide better options to cooking in the outdoors.
  Reviewed by:  Randy W. from Alberta, Canada. on 9/2/2014
New Toys
  I bought the BioLite stove at the end of January in 2014. The stove arrived, well packaged and with lots of instructions. The first use was a fail because I neglected to read the instructions and hadn't charged the blower. Subsequent uses have varied from cool to spectacular. Everything works as well or better than I had hoped for. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my BaseCamp Kickstarter Edition stove.
  Reviewed by:  Andrew J. from Alberta, Canada. on 9/2/2014
This thing is a beast!!
  This thing rocks! We started calling it the Jet Powered Lunar Lander of awesomeness! Because that's what it looks and sounds like! It burns super clean, almost nothing left of the fuel. We started using it for no other reason than because it's fun!
  Reviewed by:  Rudolph W. from Gold Hill OR. USA. on 9/2/2014
It works really great!
  It works really great! I use it for camping and ice fishing all the time!!!
  Reviewed by:  colin from saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. on 9/2/2014
  I really enjoy my campstove and it has been great. I have used it on my boat as well as on a hike and in my Vw westfalia. Functionality is great and my improves would include a very slow charge time and inferior metals used on the stove attachment. Everything else is superb!
  Reviewed by:  Shane from Raleigh nc. on 9/2/2014
Great Innovation
  Love the stove. Wish it had a little more current but otherwise love this stove. Already cooked steak and fish on the grill.
  Reviewed by:  Dan A. from Bullock, NC. on 9/2/2014
Hobie Hatch
  The BioLite kit fits just ducky in the Hobie 18 hatches for a hot meal onshore with no explosive or leaky fuels to pack. The USB is slow to charge the phone but I top it up at each opportunity. I have almost everyone who sees mine wanting to buy. Waiting for the Group unit to arrive, soon.
  Reviewed by:  Ken H. from NW Coastal British Columbia (80 km to Alaska). on 9/2/2014
This really surprised my husband and son
  I bought this for my husband for Christmas last year and he looked at it, gave me that 'Uhmm...thanks' look and promptly put it away, never even taking it out of its box. Then, we went up to the Colorado mountains for some camping in July. I made sure it made it into the truck when we were packing. Well, it rained the whole time we were up there. We were stuck under a tarp a lot. He finally began to use it and is now addicted. He brags about it to all his buddies.
  Reviewed by:  Karen from Texas. on 8/22/2014
I love it!
  I've been using this to cook in backyard on weekends just because it gets me outside on nice days. We also have taken it for picnics. It works great--easy to use and clean up. Its nice to just be able to use fuel that is lying on the ground. We've cooked Chili in the kettle, fish, sausage, and hot dogs on the grill. I have a lot of fun using it.
  Reviewed by:  Beth G. from Chapel Hill, NC. on 3/12/2014
  stove is everything it claims to be! simple to operate, efficient and fast! the fact that it all nests nicely into itself is frosting on the muffin.
  Reviewed by:  thomas r. (Verified Buyer) from illinois. on 1/19/2014
Awesome Little set up
  This thing is awesome. I got it for Christmas and already used it. It works great. Once I got the fire going I used Pellets from my pellet stove for fuel and it worked great. I cooked Kielbasa in less then 10 minutes. I highly recommend this set up for anyone that love to camp or hike. It's small and portable. Well Done!
  Reviewed by:  Heath from New Hampshire. on 12/26/2013